What HR and L&D Leaders say

  • “Jhana’s been an amazing tool that helps me quickly orchestrate custom solutions and ideas for leaders, leveraging top-notch curated content. I’m 100% more effective in coaching leaders everyday thanks to Jhana!”

    –Jessica Brookins, Human Resources Business Advisor, AOL

  • “Jhana’s just-in-time solution operates in sync with our coaching interventions and management workshops, helping us provide managers with an exceptional blended learning experience.” Read the Informatica case study.

    –Simon Cooper, Head of Global Talent Development, Informatica

  • “Jhana has been an invaluable tool for us.  I have used the Jhana HR Center to help create content for our new manager development program, Managing the Infusion Way. The newsletters have been awesome.  In our first three months, we have had great adoption, and our managers are very pleased to have a tool like Jhana to help them improve their skills.”

    –Andrea Richardson, Director, Global Human Resources, Infusion

  • “Our managers love Jhana’s bite-sized format, and the content is highly relevant to the challenges they’re facing. The weekly email generates a lot of excitement among managers and has been a great driver for usage.”

    –Katie Winkler, HR Director, CARFAX

  • “Jhana’s bite-sized information is accessible, easy to use and fits a wide variety of learning styles, resulting in high adoption. Positive word-of-mouth between managers and teams is building even more credibility for Jhana within our organization.”

    –Garry Tackett, Vice President, Learning & Employee Services, CareerBuilder

  • “Being in a fast paced business demands immediate tools and resources that drive results. Jhana does just that! It provides managers with real-time, relevant and succinct content which enables them to be better managers and leaders.   We’re confident that Jhana will continue to have a positive impact on our business, our culture and engaging our employees.”

    –Michelle Garcia, Director of Total Rewards, IDT

  • “Jhana helps us develop our frontline managers and keep them engaged. They’ve been proactive and helpful from the beginning and are a significant value add to our business.” Watch the video case study.

    Jhana+Orbitz case study


    –Laura Jones, Director of Talent Development, Orbitz Worldwide

  • “For the majority of our managers, this is the first time in their career that they’re managing people. Between the stellar content and weekly newsletters, Jhana was a no-brainer.”

    –Lindsay Buydos, Learning & Development Partner, Groupon

  • “Jhana provides some of the best service of any vendor we work with. We started with just a few licenses and saw so much value over the past 18 months that we kept adding more.”

    –Lisa Nelson, VP of HR, Match.com (a subsidiary of IAC Group)

  • “Jhana helps us grow managers into effective leaders, which positively impacts multiple facets of the business. They’ve become a trusted strategic partner in our manager development programs.”

    –Elizabeth Pierce, Head of Global Learning & Development, SLI Systems

What People Leaders say

  • “I love Jhana. Sometimes I have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. Jhana takes a simple approach by providing great tips for common problems in clear and succinct ways. I also appreciate the different perspectives they provide on the topics and the checklists are great. I truly wish that I had something like this earlier in my career.”

    –Loretta Edmond, Director of Technology Process Improvement, CareerBuilder

  • “Jhana helps me be a better manager. It helps me to think about, not just the day-to-day things that come into a management role, like how to have good 1-on-1s and how to give feedback, but also to stop and think about my role in the bigger organization. The format is very digestible, and the tone really welcomes you, like a real conversation. I really like the email newsletter. It prompts me to take a step back and check in how are things going.”

    –Kristin Dillon, Content Manager, Orbitz Worldwide

  • “Jhana is very easy to navigate and packed with useful information to help me be a better manager. The articles are not too long and get right to the point of the advice. Most helpful are the hyperlinks within the text that lead to other articles if you need more information on a concept or principle referenced in the article you’re reading. I also like being able to login to their website and search for articles and support on topics relevant to the situation I’m facing as a manager. This has quickly become a valuable tool in my managerial development!”

    –Jef Graves, Sales Director, Carfax

  • “Jhana has been great.  I always read the weekly newsletter – it’s a quick read, but covers a lot of useful topics and something is always relevant to a situation that one of my managers or I are facing. The site is well structured around real-world categories – like 1 on 1s and performance reviews- that make it quick and easy to find the advice you need.”

    –Gregory Roderick, Practice Manager, Web Practice, Infusion

  • “I think Jhana’s content is far and away the best of its kind. Each time I click on a link, I come away having learned something new and useful. And the cartoons are outstanding!”

    –Navneeth Mandavilli, Senior Development Manager, Informatica

  • “I use the tool and I have learned a lot of useful information that I will apply in my role as a manager. How to build and maintain relationships with others, how to earn trust and how to manage conflict are the lessons that are very helpful for me.”

    –Dung Nguyen, Manager Product Engineer, IDT

  • “Jhana helps to support me in my management and leadership role. The content is concise, easy to digest and relates to real-world issues and scenarios that I experience every day, making me want to read it and act on it.”

    –Peter Kettle, Director of R&D, Informatica

  • “As a relatively young and developing manager, I’ve found the Jhana coaching tips and videos very valuable. I especially like the weekly email newsletter.  Sometimes it’s eery, like Jhana knows what my challenges are through out the weeks. I also like how Jhana layers in video content and experienced professionals.  And Jhana often links to other sources, which makes you feel like they are staying on top of emerging studies and discussions on these topics.” 

    –Daniel Spring, Director, Technical Support, AOL

  • “Jhana transformed my 1-on-1’s and has made them more productive. I use some Jhana content and some third party articles from Jhana, then make it my own and Grouponize it for my meetings.”

    –Shahan, Manager, Groupon

  • “I love the emails so much, I look forward to Tuesdays! I love the curated content in there, and I’ve always found them helpful. I read them and it’s given me websites that I wouldn’t have found regularly.”

    –Amy, Manager, Groupon

Our customers are global HR and L&D organizations, large and small.

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